Antique Silver Ornament with Stars

Antique Mouth-Blown Ornament 'Spinning Top'

Antique Glass Candle

Antique Patriotic Ornament with Eagle and Flag

Antique Indent Ornament with a Beautiful Embossing

Antique Bell

Vintage Teapot with Leaf, Covered with Venetian Dew

Antique Glass Icicle with Orange Thread

Antique Art Glass Candelabra

Antique Ornament with Stars

Vintage Hand Blown Ornament

Antique Ornament with Crown


Vintage, Very Large Teapot with Venetian Dew

Antique Golden Cone with Fancy Embossing

Oval Ornament With Mica and Venetian Dew

Antique Icicle Made of Fadenglass


Little Christmas Bell

Touring Car

Wine Bottle

Golden Pocket Watch

Basket with Fruit

Large Can with Flower

House with a Red Roof

Nicely Embossed Ornament

Bell with Ilex Garlands