Measurement: 3 1/2"

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good, paint rub at the the cap




Dwarf or Santa wearing a pink coat

Measurement: 3 "

Age: about 1910/20

Condition: good with age wear, paint rub, interior silvering is even thin




Little Boy with a Jelly Bag Cap

Very sweet little boy with and a jelly bag cap

Measurement: 4 1/4 "

Age: about 1920/30

Condition: very good, minor paint rub, please view the pictures for details




Man with Accordion

Man with accordion

Measurement: 3 3/4"

Age: about 1930/40

Condition: very good, pike is chipped, but completely covered by the cap



Clown in Mandolin

Rare ornament of a clown in a mandolin

Measurement: 4 3/4 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good with normal wear, chipped pike



Teddy Bear with Vest

Teddy Bear with Vest

Measurement: 3 7/8"

Age: about 1930/40

Condition: very good, paint rub of the gelatine in places