Antique Wax Angel with Glass Eyes and Dresden Wings

Antique floating wax angel with glass eyes and Dresden wings

Measurement: 3 1/2"

Age: about 1890/1900

Condition: beautiful condition, no cracks, no breaks


Antique Floating Wax Angel

Antique floating wax angel with made of mohair and wings of spun glass

Measurement: 3 /2"

Age: about 1910

Condition: very good, no cracks, no breaks, there is missing a little piece of spun glass at the right wing


Antique Scissors with Angels Silver

Antique scissors with two angels, 800 silver, were used as wick-cutter

Measurement: approx 5 1/2 "

Age: about 1900

Condition: very good



Lucky Charms in Sterling Silver

Original Lucky Charms from Great Britain

They were used for the traditional plum pudding.

Age: about 1920

Origin: Great Britain  Material: sterling silver

Condition: very good


Krampus with a body made of chenille wire and a head of composition

Measurement: 3 1/2 "

Age: probably 1930

Condition: very good



5 Antique German Putz Sheep with Shepherd in Original Box

Original box with 5 small wooly sheep with shepherd in the original box

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good


10 Christmas Cards ' Snowmen '

10 Christmas or winter cards with snowmen

Measurement: 5 7/8 "x 4 1/8"



10 Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards ' Antique Christmas Ornaments & Winter Kids ', 2 x  of each picture

Measurement: 5 7/8" x 4 1/8"



9 Christmas Cards 'Antique Christmas Ornaments'

9 Christmas cards ' Antique Christmas Ornaments ',  3 cards of each picture

Measurement: 5 7/8" x 4 1/8"







10 Christmas Cards 'Winter Kids'

Set of 10 Christmas cards with winter kids in the snow

Measurement 5 7/8" x 4 1/8"