Sebnitz Basket with Sebnitz Fruits

Sebnitz basket with Sebnitz fruits

Measurement. 3 1/4 "x  2 3/4 "

Age: about 1905/10

Condition: very good

Sebnitz Chandelier

Sebnitz chandelier

Material; glass beads, cardboard, silver foil and wire

Measurement: approx 3 " in diameter, 3 " high

Age: about 1910

Condition: very good


Sebnitz Star

Sebnitz star in red and white, which are the typical colors for ' Franken ' a part of Bavaria,where you can find the origin of the 'so-called ' Sebnitz ornaments

Measurement: 3 "

Age: about 1900/1910

Condition: very good

Sebnitz Flower Basket

Sebnitz flower basket with silver foil, cotton mushroom, greens, little flower and tinsel

Measurement: with handle approx 4 "

Age: about 1920/1930

Condition: very good