Tinsel /Spun Glass / Cardboard

Tinsel Ornament

Tinsel ornament

Measurement: 4 1/2 "

Age: about 1900

Condition: very good





Indent Ornament with a Cotton Snowman, Covered with Venetian Dew

Indent ornament made of cardboard with a cotton snowman inside, the cardboard is covered with venetian dew

Measurement: 2 1/2 "

Age: about 1940/50

Condition: very good


Santa on a Motorcycle with a Sidecar, Made of Cardboard

Santa on a motorcycle with a sidecar filed with toys

Material: cardboard

Measurement: 4 3/4"

Age: about 1920/30

Condition: very good


Large Silver Tinsel Star

Large, silver tinsel star with blue beads

Measurement: approx 8 "

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good



Tinsel Star

Tinsel star

Measurement: 6 "

Age: about 1910/1920

Condition: very good




Cardboard House with Angel

House made of cardboard, covered with mica

Measurement: 2  12/16"

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good


Tinsel Ornament with Raphael Angel

Tinsel ornament with angel, two-sided

Measurement: 3 3/8 "

Age: about 1910

Condition: good

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Umbrella with an Edge of Crepe Paper

Silver umbrella with an edge of flouncy crepe paper

Measurement: 5 1/2 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good

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Tinsel Ornament with Angel

Tinsel ornament with an angel scrap

Measurement: 5 "

Age: about 1900/1910

Condition: very good




Large Tinsel Star with Christ Child

Large tinsel star with a scrap of Child Christ

Measurement: 4 1/2 " in diameter

Age: about 1910

Condition. very good