Dresden/ Candy Container

Cotillon Medal with a Crown of Leaves and a Crest

Cotillon medal with 3 levels

Measurement:  2 3/4"

Age: about 1900

Condition: good with normal wear, there is missing a tiny piece from the tip of some rays


Heart with Parrot as Candy Container

Herart with parrot as candy container

produced by  'Chocolat Lindt &Sprüngli'  , Berne Zürich

Measurement: 2 1/2 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good


Big Star

Big one-sided star

Measurement: approx 5 3/4 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: good, some tips are bended a little bit, please view the pictures for details


Dresden Comet with Winter Scene as Candy Container

Antique Dresden comet with a winter scene

Measurement: all in all 7 3/4 "

Age: about 1910

Condition: good with normal wear due it's age, please view the pictures for details




Dresden Guitar

Dresden guitar

Measurement: 3 1/4"

Age: about 1910/1920

Condition: very good, with normal wear



Traveling Bag

Traveling bag as candy container

Measurement: approx 2 "

Age: about 1900/1910

Condition: good with wear



Dresden Angel

Dresden Angel, flat

Measurement: 3 5/8 "

Age: about 1900/1910

Condition: very good



Dresden Tag ' The Proposal of Marriage '

Dresden tag

Measurement:  2 5/8"

Age: about 1910

Condition: very good


Dresden Black Tomcat

Dresden black tomcat

Measurement: 3 1/2 " ( with tail ) x 2 1/2 "

Age: about 1910

Condition: very good with normal wear, the backside is more bright  than the front side, please view the pictures

' Eau de Cologne ' Candy Container

Candy Container as perfume bottle

Material: Bast fibers on cardboard

Measurement: 5 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good with light wear, please view the pictures for details