Bäume leuchtend, Bäume blendend ' Historischer Christbaumschmuck '

Wolfram Metzger, Jutta Tremmel-Endres: Bäume leuchtend, Bäume blendend

' Historischer Christbaumschmuck '

A wonderful and informative book about an exhibition of the history of antique Christmas ornaments with many pictures of the different kinds of ornaments such as glass, cotton, Dresden cardboard, Gablonz,  patriotic ornaments etc.

Measurement: 9 5/8 " x 8 1/8 "

Age: published 1996, out of prrint

Condition: very good, used copy

Eva Stille: Christbaumschmuck

The second book written by Eva Stille with a lot of information concerning antique Christmas ornaments and the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree.

Measurement: approx 8 1/2 " x 8 ", 206 pages, 537 pics

Alter: published 1979, out of print

Condition: used copy in very good condtion

Alfred Dünnenberger-Hager: Weihnachtszeit

Presentation of the collection by Alfred Dünnenberger-Hager

Measurement: 11 1/8 " x 9 " x 1 3/8 " hardcover, 480 pages, more than 1400 pictures

Publication: October 2015



A very nice book about an exhibition of antique christmas items

Measurement: 12 " x 9 1/2", 224 pages

Age:  Bayerisches Nationalmuseum 2000/2001

Condition: used copy, clean and in good condition

Robert Merck: Deck the Halls

A wonderful book about the fantastic collection of Bob Merck.

Here you can find the ornaments made of glass, cotton, Dresden cardboard, bisque porcelain´, but also Belsnickles, light bulbs, scraps or Christmas themed toys.

Measurement: 9 1/2 " x 9 1/2 "

Age: published 1992, out of print

Condition: used, in good condition

John Lightner: Christmas Rarities

Very rare collector's book with 1500 pictures of the rarest glass ornaments, with price guide

Measurement: 11 " x 8 5 /8"

Age: published 2007, out of print

Condition: good condition with normal wear due to usage, some handwritten comments

Manfred Klauda: Die Geschichte des Weihnachtsbaumes

Manfred Klauda's book ' Die Geschichte des Weihnachtsbaumes ' offers a good overview on the history of the Christmas tree and all types of Christmas ornaments.

Measurement: 10 1/4 x 8 1/4 ", 66 pages

Age: published 1993, out of print

Condition: very good

Bob Brenner: Christmas Revisited

Collector book by Bob Brenner to the following issues: antique Christmas ornaments made of glass, paper, cardboard, tinsel, cotton, snow babies, Chrismtas cards, candy containers, hinged cards etc.

Measurement: 11 " x 8 3/8 "

Age: published 1986

Condition: good with normal wear due it's age and usage

Eva Stille: Christbaumschmuck des 20. Jahrhundert

Christbaumschmuck des 20.Jahrhunderts by Eva Stille

Here you can get a general conspectus about the trends of Christmas ornaments (1860-1990)

Measurement: 9 1/4 " x 6 1/2 ", 107 pages

Alter: published 1993, out of print since some years

Condition: new

Wiltrud Elbert: Christbaumschmuck aus hundert Jahren

' Christbaumschmuck aus hundert Jahren ' is not only a wonderful picture and guide book, but also the presentation of the extensive collection by Wiltrud Elbert.

1700 pictures on 428 pages present old christmas ornaments made of different materials as glass, cardboard, Dresden paper, cotton, metal as well as Sebnitz and viktorian ornaments.

Measurement: 12 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches ( ca. DIN A 4 )

Age: publication autumn 2009, out of print since some years

Condition: mint condition