Silver ornament with Blossom and Star

Silver ornament with blossom and a star on the back covered with mica in places

Very nice embossing

Measurement: 2 1/2"

Age: about 1920/30

Condition: very good


Flower Basket

Silver basket with paper flower

Measurement: 3 1/2 "

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good




Silver Comet

Silver Comet with a tail made of spun glass

Measurement: with tail 6 "

Age: about 1930

Condition: good, interior silvering is very thin

Mirror Ornament

Silver mirror ornament with a ball of glass in the indent

Measurement: 2 5/8"

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good

Victorian Silver Ornament W ire Wrapped

Victorian silver ornament, wire wrapped and covered with gelatine

Measurement: 2 "

Age: about 1900

Condition: good with age wear, please view the pictures for details

Silver Ornament

Silver ornament covered with mica in places

Measurement: 2 1/8 "

Age: about 1910

Condition: very good


Silver Raspberry

Silver raspberry

Measurement: 2 1/4 "

Age: about 1910

Condition: very good



Silver House with Flowers

Silver House

Measurement: 2 1/2  "

Age: about 1940/50

Condition: good with normal wear due to age


Silver Ball Wire and Chenille Wrapped

Silver ball wrapped with chenille,

painted with gelatine

Measurement: 2 1/2 " in diameter

Age: abut 1910

Condition: with wear, interior silvering is even thin

Sale is pending

Amphora with Flowers

Silver amphora with flowers

Measurement: approx 2 3/4"

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good