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Animals/ Birds

Mother Bird with Little Baby Bird in the Nest

Mother bird feeding her baby bird

Very rare!

Measurement; 2 3/4 " high

Age: about 1920

Condition: good with normal wear due to age

Bird on a Branch

Silver ornament with a yellow bird on a branch

Measurement:  2 1/2"

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good, pike is chipped, covered by the cap




Pink cowbell

Measurement: 2 1/4 "

Age: about 1940

Condition: good with  wear due its age and usage


Silver-green Head of an Owl

Silver-green  head of an owl

Measurement: 3 3/8"

Age: about 1920

Measurement: very good with a little paint rub

Colorful Bird II

Colorful bird with a richly embossed coat

Measurement: 4 " without tail, with tail: 6 1/4 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: very good, interior silvering is thinner backwards

Chick on a Clip

Chick on a clip

Measurement: 3 5/8 " including clip

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good with normal wear




Little Deer in a Forest

Ornament with a little deer in a forest

Measurement: 3 "

Age: about 1930

Condition: very good



Bird at a Tree Trunk

Bird at a tree trunk with a dwarf on it

Measurement: 3 3/4 "

Age: about 1920

Condition: good, interior silvering is very thin or missing in places





Blue Cowbell

Measurement: 2 1/2 "

Age: about 1940

Condition: very good



Little Cat in a Shoe

Little cat in a shoe

Measurement: 3 3/4 "

Age: 1910/1920

Condition: very good, pike is chipped