Eva Stille: Christbaumschmuck des 20. Jahrhunderts

Christbaumschmuck des 20.Jahrhunderts by Eva Stille

Here you can get a general conspectus about the trends of Christmas ornaments (1860-1990)

Measurement: 9 1/4 " x 6 1/2 ", 107 pages

Alter: published 1993, out of print since some years

Condition: new

Das ist die liebe Weihnachtszeit

' Das ist die liebe Weihnachtszeit ' by Torkhild Hinrichsen

Measurement: 9 7 /16 " x  6 1/8 ", 64 pages

Condition: new, out of print





Wiltrud Elbert: Christbaumschmuck aus hundert Jahren

' Christbaumschmuck aus hundert Jahren ' is not only a wonderful picture and guide book, but also the presentation of the extensive collection by Wiltrud Elbert.

1700 pictures on 428 pages present old christmas ornaments made of different materials as glass, cardboard, Dresden paper, cotton, metal as well as Sebnitz and viktorian ornaments.

Measurement: 12 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches ( ca. DIN A 4 )

Age: publication autumn 2009, out of print since some years

Condition: mint condition

Out of print

Alistair Allen: The History of Printed Scraps

Interesting book of antique scraps with valuable informations about the different printers in the time of around 1900.

Measurement: 11 3/4 " x 8 1/4 ", 175 pages

Published: 1983, out of print

Condition: used copy  in very good condition